Im not usually a summer person but this year have decided to embrace the sun while still looking after myself and my oh so sensitive skin!

Only recently have i discovered the joys of Aesop with my range growing and growing, its so lightweight, natural and beneficial for my sensitive skin.

This summer i will have all these lush products only a reach away

AESOP PARSLEY SEED HYDRATING CREAM- This is my absolute favourite at the moment i use it morning and night, its great as a pre primer moisturiser and keeps my skin feeling dewy and hydrated.

AESOP QUARTZ EXFOLIATING PASTE- A new addition to my skin routine, This scrub is bliss! I treat myself to it twice a week and find it really rids my skin of dry flakes and any unwanted impurities.

SUKIN PURIFYING FACIAL MASQUE- Oh does it get any better? This masque is life changing! Its so hydrating and smells like pure heaven. Leaving this on for 15minutes makes me feel like a brand new woman.

MAP OF THE HEART v.3 – My new favourite scent i keep this in my bag at all times, i’ve even been stopped on the street asking what that glorious smell is!




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